How to create a powershell meterpreter payload which is not detected by AV

This guide shows how easy it is to create a backdoor which is not detected by AV

To create the backdoor we use SET which is a pentest automation tool available within the BackTrack distribution.

The steps to follow are the following:

– Startup SET

start set

– Select option 1

set option 1

– Select option 10

set option 10

– Select Payload option 1

set payload 1

– Provide the IP address and port number you like to connect back to

set provide loopback ip and port

– Start the listener to start accepting connections

set start listener

– Browse to the payload and save the txt file a .bat file

set browse to x86 payload


set save as

– Use BAT-to-EXE converter to create a .exe file

set compile bat to exe

– Copy the file over to you victim and execute is

– Check meterpreter is able to establish a new session

set metasploit session created

– Proof that AV on the victim machine is running and up-to-date

set AV enabled


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