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Debian Tips

How to list all services in Debian

If you want to view the entire services running in the Debian 10, you can run the following command.

ls /etc/init.d

If you want to get a more detailed list of all services and processes running in your Debian operating system, execute the following command.

Systemctl list-unit-files

How to check the status of a particular service using init.d

There are several ways to check the status of a particular service whether it is running or not. One of such methods is by using init.d. You can execute the command with root privileges having following syntax,

/etc/init.d/{servicename} status

Let’s check the status of the networking service. The complete command should look like the following,

/etc/init.d/networking status

How to stop, start and restart a particular service

There are two methods of stopping and starting a particular service. I will list here both of the methods.

Start and stop a service using init.d

Let me start by stopping the already running networking service to show you how to stop any service with the help of init.d. Execute the following command with root privileges,

/etc/init.d/networking stop

Print route

route -n